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I.V. set with Y, Adult




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1.     The tubing and chamber made of non-toxic, non irritant PVC material.
2.     Air filter made so that all air entering the rigid container passes through it and that the flow of fluid is not significantly reduced.
3.     The protective cap is designed specially to offer due protection of piercing spike and better penetration of EO for sterilization.
4.     Drip tube maintain a distance of 40mm between the end of the drip tube and the outlet of the chamber, the wall of the drip chamber not closer than 5mm to the end of the drip tube.
5.     Specification:
                   i.           The tubing is 1800mm in length, I.D: 2.7mm, O.D: 4.1mm.
                  ii.           Bulk packed or aseptically packing is optional.

Order Information:


Order Information
530101   I.V. set with Y, Adult
530102   I.V. set with Y, Pediartic



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