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Manual Suction Pump




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1.     Mainly used for sputum suction, pus suction, blood-sucking and other suction use.
2.     Because of its small size, light-weight, portable, simple operation, can be used no power, particularly suitable in remote areas without power supply, rural hospitals, home care, field first aid and no power clinical.
3.     It creates negative pressure (vacuum) to draw fluids via disposable tubing which is connected to a collection canister.
4.     To ensure that fluids will not overflow, we've designed a canister with full stop protection.
5.     Specification:
                   i.           Max. Vacuum: 450mmHg
                  ii.           Canister Capacity: 250ml
                 iii.           Rigid Tubing Length: 185mm
                 iv.           Soft Catheter Length: 180mm

Order Information:

Order Information
1. 520101  Suction Unit with tubing/catheter, 2 non full stop canisters
2. 520101-1 Soft Catheter
3. 520101-2 Rigid tubing
4. 520101-3 Canister with full stop protection
5. 520101-4 Canister without full stop protection
6. 520102  Suction unit with tubing/catheter, 1 full stop/1 non full stop canister
7. 520103  Suction unit with tubing/catheter, 2 full stop canisters



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