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Respiratory / Anesthesia Mask




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      1. Respiratory / anesthesia mask equipped with 4.3F check valve to adjust the air
volume for the functionality of comfort and airtightness on inflatable air cushion.

2. High transparency and good visibility
3. Six sizes (#0-5) with color-coded hook rings are available from Infant to Adult .
4. Available with choice of light scents.
5. Single patient use

Order Information:

Order Information
030100 Respiratory / Anesthesia Mask #0, Infant, 15M (Hook Ring Color : white, without valve) (1 pc/pkg, 150 pcs/box)
030101 Respiratory / Anesthesia Mask #1, Infant Large, 15M (Hook Ring Color : pink, without valve) (1 pc/pkg, 150 pcs/box)
030102 Respiratory / Anesthesia Mask #2, Child, 22F(Hook Ring Color : yellow, without valve) (1 pc/pkg, 100 pcs/box)
030103 Respiratory / Anesthesia Mask #3 w/valve, Child Large, 22F(Hook Ring Color : green, with valve) (1 pc/pkg, 50 pcs/box)
030104 Respiratory / Anesthesia Mask #4 w/valve, Adult, 22F(Hook Ring Color : blue, with valve) (1 pc/pkg, 50 pcs/box)
030105 Respiratory / Anesthesia Mask #5 w/valve, Adult Large, 22F(Hook Ring Color : red, with valve) (1 pc/pkg, 50 pcs/box)



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