Adapters / Connectors

Airway Devices

Anaesthetic Breathing Systems

Asthma Spacer Chamber

Breathing Bag

Components and Accessories

Duck-bill and Umbrella Valves

ESU Pencil & Accessories

Filtration & Humidification


Inflating Air Pad

Infusion Therapy

Medication / Aerosol Delivery Devices

Medical Clips and clamps

Mockup / Prototype

Nasal Cannula

Oxygen Delivery

Resuscitation Equipment

Sleep Therapy

Speaking Valve

Suction Unit


Ventilator Breathing Systems

Medical Grade Material

Beauty Mask

Kegel Exercise

Test Lung

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Winnomed Mission                                                   

To provide the products benefited every human health


Driving the excellence of the medical devices we provide for.


"Integrity", "Innovation", "Quality" and "Service" are Winnomed Core Values.

About integrity: We take the fairness, truth and ethic as our first criteria for selecting every employee. To us the integrity is about being honest no matter what we're doing, and we behave according to our values, beliefs and principles. 

Winnomed Manufacturing

Winnomed is a design, manufacture, supply of Respiratory and health Care Products formed by experienced engineers to serve the medical device, technology and service industry. Winnomed Manufacturing now provides design, development, validating, manufacturing, assembling,packaging, shipping, outsourcing and sterilization services to its customers.
Winnomed works directly with clients on a regular basis to ensure all devices meet the appropriate specifications, and our commitment and dedication to our customers has proven to be highly successful.

Winnomed integrates Taiwan and China manufacturing bases to provide the most cost effective, quality products. Its manufacturing capabilities include:

Plastic injection molding, Extrusion, Vacuum Forming, Insert and Over-molding.
Silicone injection, Extrusion and compression molding

Blow molding
Clean room assembly
Ultrasonic, high frequency & heat welding
Pad & silk screen printing, Laser printing
Assembly, Packaging, labeling and bar-coding


 ◆ISO Certificate ISO9001
 ◆ISO Certificate ISO13485-2016, CE Certificate

Winnomed combines the extensive engineering and manufacturing strengths to serve the medical device and service industry.



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