Adapters / Connectors

Airway Devices

Anaesthetic Breathing Systems

Asthma Spacer Chamber

Breathing Bag

Components and Accessories

Duck-bill and Umbrella Valves

ESU Pencil & Accessories

Filtration & Humidification


Inflating Air Pad

Infusion Therapy

Medication / Aerosol Delivery Devices

Medical Clips and clamps

Mockup / Prototype

Nasal Cannula

Oxygen Delivery

Resuscitation Equipment

Sleep Therapy

Speaking Valve

Suction Unit


Ventilator Breathing Systems

Medical Grade Material

Beauty Mask

Kegel Exercise

Test Lung

For more than 20 years, Winno Custom Molds has served the injection molding industry designing and building complex high precision molds. These molds have included Multi-Shot, Micro-Molding, Liquid Injection Molding, Multi-Cavity Molds, Gas-Assist Molds, Over-Molding Molds, Insert Molding and High Volume Molding.

Winno Custom Molds Specializes In :

Our capabilities include :
Engineering Department can import .IGS, .PRT, .DXF, .DWG, .SAT, .STP, .PAR, .XT, .XMT, .SLDPRT and other files via e-mail to assist you in part design and tool design.
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Precision Machining
CNC Equipment
EDM & Wire EDM
Hard milling

Factory Area :800 M2


When you choose Winno Custom Molds as a supplier, you can rest assured that no matter how challenging your project is, we will provide a solution that is both cost effective and on time.

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