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Disposable Laryngoscope Airway, Miller




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1.       High impact grade engineering plastic material, Light weight and compact.
2.       Ergonomic shape design, better comfort for patient during operation
3.       High transparency bright light tubing, low-heat blade design to eliminate the risk of burns within the patients oral cavity.
4.       Single-patient use to prevent cross contamination. Best for clinic and emergency room.
5.       Conforms to ISO-7376 standard for Laryngoscope.
6.       Individual sterile package for blade available upon request.

Order Information:

011000 Disposable Laryngoscope Airway MIL#0
011001 Disposable Laryngoscope Airway MIL#1
011002 Disposable Laryngoscope Airway MIL#2
011003 Disposable Laryngoscope Airway MIL#3
011004 Disposable Laryngoscope Airway MIL#4
011009 Disposable Laryngoscope Airway MIL#00
011199 Disposable Laryngoscope—completed set (Handle, MAC#2,3,&4, MIL#0,1&2, Storage Case)



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