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Disposable ESU Pencil, Hand-control w/bottom switch


100 pouch / box


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1. Perform high (radio) frequency current cutting and coagulating.
2. Ergonomically designed, each pencil offers 100% comfort to the Surgeon.
3. Bottom switch at appropriate position, with gentle “click” when activated
4. Anti-slippery surface and light weight
5. Single-patient use
6. Specification:
a. Removable 2.3mm(3/32”) Shaft Stainless Steel Electrodes, with either a standard blade or needle electrode, 70 mm length
b. Rock-Solid 3-Prong Connector
c. PVC cable: 3m
d. Color: Blue or Gray for Pencil, Cable & Connector.

Order Information:


510101   Disposable ESU Pencil, Hand-control w/bottom switch
510102   “ W/ Holster
510103   “ W/ Tip clearer
510111   70mm Electrode Blade (molding, sterilized)
510112   70mm Electrode Needle (molding, sterilized)
510113   150mm Electrode Blade (shrinking+molding, sterilized)
510114   150mm Electrode Needle (shrinking+molding, sterilized)
510115   150mm Electrode Blade (shrinking, sterilized)
510116   150mm Electrode Needle (shrinking, sterilized)
510121   Holster
510122   Tip clearer



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