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Anti-bacterial hydrophobic Filter




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  1. Anti-bacterial Filter is a hydrophobic filters located in-line between the suction collection bottle and inlet suction housing.
  2. Hydrophobic, microporous membrane of 99.97% filter efficiency 0.3 micron particles at 40LPM which filters air with maximum efficiency while helping block the flow of aqueous fluids and aerosol contaminants.
  3. Filters are available with 1/8 NPT male pipe thread on one end to connect to most any vacuum regulator and a 1/4 in., hose barb for connection of vacuum tubing.
  4. Meet with virtually any suction regulator
  5. Very easy installation and replacement
  6. Connections: 1/8” Male NPT x ¼” Hosebarb or ¼” Hosebarb x ¼” Hosebarb
  7. 0.45 micron filter media is available: 1. To reach 40SLPM at 720mmHg prior to filter contamination 2. "stop liquid".
  8. Customized size is available

Order Information:

062908  Anti-bacterial hydrophobic Filter



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