Anesthetic Mask Browing Cushion


  • 1. Offer six sizes of mask to cover various types of patient’s face.

  • 2. Design of one way valve: Upper one way valve/ Tail one way valve/ without one way valve

  • 3. Handy and light weight. Transparency design provides goods patient visibility.

  • 4. Hook and Silicone Headstrap available for each size.

  • 5. Single patient use to reduce possible cross contamination.

  • 6. The product is disposable; the used product is treated as medical waste to be destroyed.

Order Information:

Part No.DescriptionSizeHookValve
32100Anesthetic Mask, 15M, Neonate#0WhiteTail
32101Anesthetic Mask,15M, Infant#1PinkTail
32102Anesthetic Mask, 22F, Pediatric#2Yellow Tail
32103Anesthetic Mask, 22F, Adult S#3GreenTail
32104Anesthetic Mask, 22F, Adult-M#4RedTail
32105Anesthetic Mask, 22F, Adult-L#5BlueTail
32106Anesthetic Mask, 22F, Adult-XL#6OrangeTail
32300Anesthetic Mask, 15M, Neonate#0WhiteUpper
32301Anesthetic Mask,15M, Infant#1PinkUpper
32302Anesthetic Mask, 22F, Pediatric#2Yellow Upper
32303Anesthetic Mask, 22F, Adult S#3GreenUpper
32304Anesthetic Mask, 22F, Adult-M#4RedUpper
32305Anesthetic Mask, 22F, Adult-L#5BlueUpper
32306Anesthetic Mask, 22F, Adult-XL#6OrangeUpper


Part No.DescriptionSizeMaterial
13101Silicone Head StrapAdultSilicone
13102Silicone Head StrapPediSilicone