Auto Filling Chamber


  • 1. Transparent design, provides the durability and easy visual inspection on the fluid level.

  • 2. Operators can easily assess the fluid level through water level indicator.

  • 3. High-sensitive auto fill mechanism.

  • 4. Shrouded heated plate cover in order to avoid accidental burn when removing the chamber.

  • 5. Compliable with MR850 humidifier.

  • 6. Maximum: 140ml

  • 7. Length of IV SET: 90cm

  • 8. Available size: Adult, Neonate

  • 9. Alternative: Manual Filling Chamber, Adult & Neonate

Order Information

Part NoDescriptionSize
68101Auto Filling Humidification ChamberAdult
68102Auto Filling Humidification ChamberNeonate
68103Manual Filling Humidification ChamberAdult
68104Manual Filling Humidification ChamberNeonate