Test lung


  • 1. Test Lung is designed for test mechanical ventilator functional properly before applying to patient. It imitates the respiratory system of an adult/neonate under nominal levels of resistance and compliance as well as a variable leak function to simulate a patient circuit leak.

  • 2. Easy to set up: No electrical required, easy to use for testing while attach to ventilator.

  • 3. Compact and Light weight.

  • 4. Visible design: easy to discovery if any dirt or miscellaneous object in the bag from the windows of shell.

  • 5. Retaining Lock: easy click and disassemble for cleaning.

  • 6. Cleaning: It can be cleaned with common disinfecting or cleaning solutions. The silicone bag can be autoclaved at 121℃.

  • 7. We could put CUSTOMER logo on the Test Lung, as well as customized color.

  • 8. Connector: 15mm OD, conform to ISO 5356-1.

Order Information:

Part No.Description
61117Test Lung, Adult 1L, 20 ml/cm H2O“Winnomed” Logo
61119Test Lung, Neonate-