41104 Anesthesia Breathing Circuit


  • 1. 41104 Anesthesia Breathing Circuit using 1.8 m corrugated segment tubing.

  • 2. 22 mm connector end compatible with the anesthesia machine.

  • 3. Antibacterial heat and moisture exchanger filter (HMEF) with respiratory gas intake, included gas sampling port design.

  • 4. Patient elbow with 15mm right angle socket.

  • 5. Air cushion anesthetic mask, adult-L, #5 with upper inflation valve. Hook available. Latex-free. Option: with/without mask

  • 6. 3L latex free bag, prevent patient from allergies.

Order Information:

Part No.DescriptionBagMaskTube
41104Disposable Anesthesia Circuit, 180cm, Adult, w/filter, Non Sterile3LAdult-LCorrugated
41103Disposable Anesthesia Circuit, 180cm, Adult, w/filter, Non Sterile3L-Corrugated