Reusable Catheter Mount Tubing w/ Suction Port


  • 1. Materials are in compliance with ISO-10993 biocompatibility requirements.

  • 2. 15mmID is conformed ISO-5356-1 standard.

  • 3. Dual-swivel Elbow with Double Flip soft top cap- pull up the first tab on the cap allows for the introduction of a fibre optic bronchoscope.
    Opening the second tab allows for suctioning if required.

  • 4. Reusable Catheter Mount specifications:

  • i. Double Swivel Elbow:22/15mm, 15mmOD, PC or PSF material (with suction port)

  • ii. Silicone tube:14cm length with 15F cuff

  • iii. Straight connector:15mmOD, 15mmOD. PC or PSF material.

Order Information

Part NoDescriptionMaterial
62201 Innoflex Reusable Catheter Mount, 22M/15F, 15MPSF
62202Innoflex Reusable Catheter Mount, 22M/15F, 15MPC
061116Silicone tubing 14cm, 15FSilicone
69231Double swivel elbow with port and cap, 15F, 15MPSF
980202Silicone plug for Swivel ElbowSilicone
69232Double swivel elbow with port and cap, 15F, 15M PC
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