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High Concentration Oxygen Mask




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1.       High oxygen concentration mask consists of Oxygen Reservoir and Non-Rebreathing Valve enable to provide higher FiO2 for emergency and Hi-O2 demand patients.
2.       Clear, soft vinyl for patient comfort and visual assessment
3.       Aluminum nasal clip provides better fixation
4.       Latex free elastic strap available.
5.       Two sizes are available : Child or Adult.
6.       Specifications:
- Friendly soft medical PVC material with 700 ml reservoir, Non-Rebreathing Valve, and 2 meters oxygen tubing.

Order Information:


030401 High Concentration Mask Child w/Tubing
030402 High Concentration Mask Adult w/Tubing
030403 High Concentration Mask Child without Tubing
030404 High Concentration Mask Adult without Tubing



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