Anesthesia breathing circuit


  • 1. Customized Specification

  • 2. Tubing: corrugated, expandable, smoothbore

  • 3. Enhanced the strength of tube to maximize the patient safety.

  • 4. Disposable, Single-patient use

  • 5. Optional accessories

Order Information:

Part No.DescriptionBagMaskTube
41101Disposable Anesthesia Circuit, 150cm, Adult, Non Sterile--Corrugated
41104Disposable Anesthesia Circuit, 180cm, Adult, w/filter, Non Sterile3LAdult-LCorrugated
42101Disposable Expandable Anesthesia Circuit, 150cm, Adult, Non Sterile--Expandable
42105Disposable Anesthesia Circuit, 150cm, Adult, w/filter, Non Sterile3L-Expandable

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