Bubble Humidifier


  • 1. Bubbling gas up through a reservoir of water to provide patient with comfortable,therapeutic humidity during therapy.

  • 2. Recessed nipple reduces possibility of breaking off can be connected to flow meter. 6mm connection for oxygen tubing.

  • 3. Rigid and durable wing nut and lid. Unique hand-dipped, soft plastic diffuser

  • 4. Disposable, Single-patient use

  • 5. Defined maximum and minimum water level lines.

  • 6. Specification:

  • – Relief Valve with preset audible alarm:2, 4 and 6 PSI

  • – Container Volume: 500ml,

  • usable Volume:
    300ml for 6 PSI (black cap) & 4 PSI (blue cap),
    400ml FOR 4 PSI(blue cap) & 2 PSI(green cap)

  • – Container Volume: 220ml,

  • usable Volume:
    180ml for 4 PSI (light green cap)

Order Information

Part NoDescription
28401Bubble Humidifier 2PSI, usable volume: 400ml
28402Bubble Humidifier 4PSI, usable volume: 400ml
28403Bubble Humidifier 6PSI, usable volume: 300ml
28404Bubble Humidifier 4PSI, usable volume: 300ml
2840628406 Bubble Humidifier 4PSI, usable volume: 180ml