Water Trap, Reusable, PC, PSF Material


  • 1. Designed to collect drained condensation in pressurized or non-pressurized ventilation circuits.

  • 2. Spring-loaded valve,seals automatically when opened (leak free).

  • 3. The bottle body and the top lid are closed the way design for the inside and outside taper, as well as the rapid take apart. Two convex in the top lid, prevents the application of force over-sized.

  • 4. The slippery strip design on the upper surface of bottle body, let the user have better feeling of grasps, causes the disassembly to be simpler.

  • 5. Material: PC, Autoclave up to 121℃.

  • 6. Material: PSF, Autoclave up to 134℃.

  • 7. Amber or Iron-gray colors are available.

  • 8. Connection: 22 OD, 15OD/10ID for ventilator circuit.

  • 9. Volume: Vial capacity: approx 50 ml.

Order Information

Part NoDescriptionMaterial
63201Water trap, Reusable, Adult-22 OD for both connectorsPSF
63202Water trap, Reusable, Adult-22 OD for both connectorsPC
63203 Water trap, Reusable, Child-15 OD for both connectorsPSF
63204Water trap, Reusable, Child-15 OD for both connectorsPC