Water Trap, Reusable, PC, PSF Material


  • 1. Designed to collect drained condensation in pressurized or non-pressurized ventilation circuits.

  • 2. Spring-loaded valve,seals automatically when opened (leak free).

  • 3. The bottle body and the top lid are closed the way design for the inside and outside taper, as well as the rapid take apart.

  • 4. Two convex in the top lid, prevents the application of force over-sized.

  • 5. The slippery strip design on the upper surface of bottle body, let the user have better feeling of grasps and simplified disassembling.

  • 6. Material: PC, Autoclave up to 121℃.

  • 7. Material: PSF, Autoclave up to 134℃.

  • 8. Water Trap Amber or Iron-gray colors are available.

  • 9. Connection: 22 OD, 15OD/10ID for ventilator circuit.

  • 10. Volume: Vial capacity: approx 50 ml.

Order Information

Part NoDescriptionMaterial
63201Water trap, Reusable, Adult-22 OD for both connectorsPSF
63202Water trap, Reusable, Adult-22 OD for both connectorsPC
63203 Water trap, Reusable, Child-15 OD for both connectorsPSF
63204Water trap, Reusable, Child-15 OD for both connectorsPC